We all have a journey to tell

because life is not a destination

Being a Smart, Sassy Goddess

This is our journey, our path, our expressions of living as a Smart, Sassy Goddess 

with stumbles, falls, and failings

 with love, smiles, and successes

Along the way, perhaps we'll inspire you to create something spectacular

Along the way, perhaps we'll inspire you to have the audacity to achieve something great

But, a moment of honesty... 

We have no preconceived idea of what this site will deliver

We live most of our lives surrounded by plans 

Most of the time, we're the ones creating the plan

But in this space, it's 100% about a free-form journey

Perhaps you will join us for many miles to come

Perhaps it will be for only a few feet

Whatever it is, may your path be powerful, positive, amazing, smart, and sassy

Whatever it is, may you always bask in the warmth of your own inner Goddess light 

Goddess Journeys

Career Goddess


Do what you love, love what you do. 

Our Career Goddess Coaches share their thoughts & journeys. 

Domestic Goddess


Home is a place to relax, reconnect, and revitalize.
Our Domestic Goddess Divas are here with tips and tricks.

Finance Goddess


Have money, will spend... but on what? 

Our Fiscal Finance Goddesses focuses on finance goals.

Inner Goddess


Health is wealth. Life simply doesn't fully click without it. 

Our Inspiring Inner Goddesses share their journeys in self-care.